Writing: Biographies



The Biography of Walter Steven Rubow

By:  Jadon Matheson Rubow

Have you ever been sent to the principal’s office?  My grandpa, Walter Steven Rubow has!  When he was in grammar school, he was sent to the principal’s office for throwing snowballs at girls that may or may not have had ice in the middle of them.

Walter Steven Rubow was born July 15, 1941 in Chicago, Illinois in a hospital.  His parents are Walter Franklin Rubow and Lorna Neeley.  Walter, who prefers the name Steve, was the first of three boys.  He has two younger brothers.

When Steve was little, he had to play the piano for a year and a half.  When the year and a half passed, his mom gave up making him practice.  He may have not liked the piano but he did like playing the french horn in his school’s orchestra and quartet.  In fact, his quartet took first in state in school.  Winning state means all the schools in the state come and compete and see who’s better and his school got first!

As an adult, Steve still loves listening to orchestras and quartets.  His favorite instruments are the oboes and the french horns.

When Steve was little, he made his dad upset.  He was spanked by his dad with a broom stick and the broom stick broke.  I bet that he was glad that he didn’t get spanked by his teacher in the third grade.  He was talking to his friend during class.  Then the teacher said, “If you are going to keep talking, take your conversation out into the hall.”  So, he did!

It’s a good thing his teacher didn’t send him home because Steve had to walk a mile to a mile and a half to and from school.  He had to walk a mile to a mile and a half to school in the morning.  Then, a mile to a mile and a half home for lunch because he didn’t have a cafeteria at his school.  Then, he had to walk back to school after lunch.  When school got out, he had to walk back home.  That is a total of 4-6 miles a day!

His favorite subjects in school are math and English.

When he wasn’t at school, Steve liked to play ‘cops and robbers’ and ‘cowboys and indians’ and build with boxes like box trolls.  When he grew up, he wanted to be a fireman, policeman, later when he was older a chemist, and finally when he was signing up for college classes he changed his mind and decided to be a businessman.

Steve graduated from high school in Chicago, Illinois, went to college in Provo, Utah at BYU for four years and got his degree , and went four more years to Lake Forest College taking night classes and earning his Master’s degree.  After graduating, he worked in the food business.  He worked for Jewel, Star Market, and Topco.  He was president of Topco for eight years.  Then, he retired and taught at the University of Chicago for nine years.  He also did marketing and research consulting.  Then, he retired again and went on an eighteen month mission with his wife, my grandma, Sharon Jean Rubow for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Baltic Mission.

Steve married Sharon Jean Matheson on November 22, 1961 in the Chicago, Illinois LDS Temple.  That was 54 years ago!  Steve and Sharon have 10 children, 42 grandchildren with 2 more on the way, and 4 great grandchildren with 1 more on the way. Grandpa loves his children.

Steve’s favorite thing to do for fun is read and do cross word puzzles.  His favorite kind of books are mystery and biographies.  Steve likes to build sentences, paragraphs, letters, and stories.  Some other favorite things are the color blue, waffles or oatmeal for breakfast, hamburgers or Chicago hot dogs for lunch, and for dinner, everything from pizza to egg foo young. Speaking of food, Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday because it’s a day of thanks for all of the food you have and more desserts!

When Steve was younger he would go ‘trick-or-treating’ and get big bags of candy that would last 6 months.  Back then, candy bars were about 5 cents and were bigger than today’s candy bars.

The biggest event in Steve’s life was marrying Sharon in the Chicago temple.  Sharon is the person he admires the most.  If Steve didn’t marry Sharon, they wouldn’t have my Dad and I wouldn’t have been able to write this biography about my grandpa, Walter Steven Rubow.

The End!


Science: Constellations by Season

(Narrated by Jadon.  Typed by mommy)

For Science class, we went to this website:  neave.com/planetarium

We clicked on the map to show where we live and then when we changed the dates on the calendar, we could see the different constellations for our area through out the year.  It was fun.  I made these flash cards to show the different constellations.

DSC_0007 (2) double

I think Ursa Major looks like a person flying with their hands out.

DSC_0004 (2) double

I think Pegasus looks like an octopus with a big head.

DSC_0013 (1) double

I think Cygnus looks like a scarecrow.  Without the stuff on it.

DSC_0012 (1) double

I think Taurus looks like the wishbone.

DSC_0003 (2) double

Orion is actually only one of these but I drew two because I wanted to.  I think Orion looks like somebody playing a guitar.

DSC_0011 (1) double

This one I drew four because I wanted to.  Cassiopeia looks like a number, “3” or “M” or “W”.

DSC_0009 (2) double

Leo looks like a mouse.  It’s called, Leo the Lion but I think it looks more like a mouse.  Leo the Mouse!

DSC_0008 (2) double

Canis Major just looks weird.  It looks like a big, “F” with a big mouth.

DSC_0006 (2) double

Bootes is not an ice cream cone.  The website said it looks like an ice cream cone.  It’s not.  Bootes looks like a kite to me.


Sagittarius just looks funky.  Looks like a giant robot with three claws.

DSC_0002 (2) double

Scorpian does not look like a scorpion.  It looks like the letter, “J” for Jadon.  I think this constellation should be named, Jadon.

Writing: Sentence Staircase

Describe the Subject

—————Tell when

———————Name the sound

——————————–Tell where

————————————–Use other specific words

A man worked 

A tall old man worked in the morning when the trains whistle blew at the train station to start the day.

The book fell.

The red book fell at noon with a bang at the library when the clock struck twelve.

A tree moved.

A tree with bright green leaves moved during a storm making clapping sounds at my neighbors house that scared them.

The radio played.

The new radio played when we turned it on super loud in the attic and it broke our ears.

She pulled him.

A tired mom pulled her son in the morning with a groan on the river trail in the bike cart.

I ate food.

I ate twenty chicken nuggets for lunch with a loud crunch at Burger King that made me smile.

The car drove away.

A green car drove away when it was time to go to work with a vroom down Center Street and stopped at a red light.

A cloud passed by.

The rainy cloud passed by after the storm with a boom off in the distance with flashing lightning.

A woman danced.

An old woman danced when the couple kissed when everybody clapped at a wedding and had cake.

A girl ran.

A girl wearing shorts ran on a hot day when she tripped with a plunk at school and started to cry.

The baby cried.

The sad baby cried when he was born with an annoying sound at the hospital because he was hungry.

I Wonder: How are Lego’s made?

I love to play and build with Lego’s.  I wanted to learn how they are made.

After watching this video, I was surprised that there was no people at the factory.  That the Lego’s are made mostly by robots and machines.   It was amazing how many Lego’s they make and what you can build with them.

If you had enough Lego’s, you could build a whole big tower!

Nature Friday: Bulbs (Part One)

DSC_0001 (1) double

Fall is when it is time to plant bulbs.  What is a bulb?  A bulb is:  a rounded underground storage organ present in some plants, notably those of the lily family, consisting of a short stem surrounded by fleshy scale leaves or leaf bases and lying dormant over winter.

DSC_0004 double

My mom and I are planting daffodils.  My mom likes daffodils.  She likes the pretty yellow color in the spring.

DSC_0005 double

First, I had to dig a hole for the bulbs to go into.

DSC_0007 double

I had to make sure I put them in the right way with the stem part sticking up.

DSC_0008 double

These are the roots.  These are supposed to be pointing down.

DSC_0009 doubleThen, I covered the bulbs with dirt where they’ll sleep all winter long until the spring when they wake up!

Here is a video that shows bulbs asleep and then waking up.

I want to see bulbs grow myself so I learned from this video how I can watch bulbs grow.

More coming in part two of:  Bulbs