Greek History Chapter Three: The Just Man

(Narrated by Jadon, typed by mommy)

Jadon:  So Aristides was with another person.  The judges believed Aristides and they said that they would punish the other person but Aristides said, not yet cuz they haven’t heard what he has to say for himself to have a fair play.

Mommy:  Do you think that was fair and why?

Jadon:  Uh huh.  Because Aristides got to tell his story and the other person got to tell his story too.

Mommy:  Why do you think it is important for the judges to hear from both Aristides and his enemy?

Jadon:  So it is fair, so they can actually see who is right.

Mommy:  What happened next?

Jadon:  So, the Persians came to meet the Greeks at Marathon.  The Greeks switched taking command for one a day.  When it was Aristides turn, he thought his Captain would do better than he would so they did use his Captain and they got victory.

After the battle, the Persians ran away so fast that they dropped their things.  Their gold and silver and made it so that the Greeks could go and get them.  The gold and silver.  The Greeks left Aristides so that he can watch the gold and silver for when they come back.  They chose him because they knew he wouldn’t steal it.

One Persian who was hiding, he saw a Torch-Bearer and thought he was a prince.  He bowed to him and showed him some buried treasure.  The Torch-Bearer killed the Persian and took it the treasure for himself.  He knew that he should have told Aristides but he didn’t and took the money for himself.

Mommy:  What is the difference between Aristides and the Torch-Bearer?

Jadon:  Aristides would save all of the stuff for the other people, the army but the Torch-Bearer would just take the money for himself.

Mommy:  Who do you think is the better person?

Jadon:  Aristides.

Mommy:  Why?

Jadon:  Because he was fair.  He was honest.

Mommy:  Why is being honest important?

Jadon:  So you don’t lie.  It’s nice. So you’re not mean to people and so people can believe you.


Writing: A Description

(Narrated by Jadon, typed by mommy)

This is a Lego.  It is a one by six.  It has one row of six bumps.  It looks like a rectangle with six bumps and it is hollow inside those bumps.  It tastes like nothing.  It has words on the top of the bumps that says, “Lego”.  There are bumps on the bottom that make it so that you can stick other things on the bottom without them falling out.  The bumps on the bottom are cylinders.  They are inside the rectangle.  The bumps on top stick out.  They stick into the bottom of other Legos.  The cylinders on the bottom, you can stick them on top of things.  It’s made out of plastic.  You can’t bend it.  It’s fun.  It’s about an inch and a half long and a centimeter wide.  It’s colored green.  A green that looks like grass.


Writing: First Person, Second Person, or Third Person

(Narrated by Jadon, typed by mommy)

For writing class we were supposed to get five books and see if they are third person, second person, or first person.

DSC_0086 double

These are the five books that I chose:

The Power of Patriotism

Aunt Nancy and Cousin Lazybones

The Ant and the Elephant

The 500 Hats

The Little House

I read parts of each book and they were all written in third person.  This means that they were all written about telling about the people or things inside the story.  Somebody else is telling the story.

The first four books were easy to tell that they were written in third person but the last book, “The Power of Patriotism” was harder.  It sounded like it was first person but it wasn’t.  At the very beginning, the narrator was telling about himself and then he told the rest of the story about Francis Scott Key.

If a book is written in first person, it’s about him telling about himself.  If a book is written in second person, it’s telling you something.  Like, what to do.  If the book is written in third person, it is somebody else telling about the characters.

Nature Friday: Provo River in the Fall

(Narrated by Jadon, typed by mommy)

DSC_0016 double

On Friday, me and mom went on the Provo River Trail.  We saw a squirrel.  Can you see the squirrel?  It has a long neck and runs fast when scared.  It also squeaks.
DSC_0019 double

This is what the Provo River Trail looks like.  You can ride bikes on it.  Just about anything on it except cars.

DSC_0020 double

My mom brought some books.  We read, “The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin” because we saw a squirrel.  We also read, “The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck” because we saw ducks.  The ducks were doing weird things in the water.  They were being super loud and splashing lots of water.

DSC_0021 double

My mom left my backpack open after she took some stuff out.  Good thing nothing fell out.  I found a stick that looked like a fireplace stick that you move wood with.  A poker.

DSC_0022 double

I picked up some moss and pretended it was a fish.  The moss was disgusting.  My backpack is still open…….

DSC_0023 double

You can see my stick and how it looks like a poker stick.  I was throwing rocks into the river.  I accidentally splashed my mom.  She didn’t get mad.  We then saw a fish that was as big as a skateboard and it was thick as a folded blanket.  It was jumping and making humongous splashes.

DSC_0026 double

Then I tried skipping rocks.  I skipped one once.  I’m still learning.  You should see my brothers skipping rocks.  They can skip a rock across the river!

DSC_0029 double

I’m learning about symmetry in math.  We found some symmetry in the reflections on the water.

DSC_0033 double

Spiders!  We found a spider.  What was weird about it was that it only had seven legs.  It was missing a leg on one side.  I found it under a rock I picked up.

DSC_0034 double

I am drawing a picture of what I see and I am trying to get the right color of the water.  The water was green.  My favorite color is green.

DSC_0036 double

We found several spider webs.

DSC_0037 double

These are funnel webs.

DSC_0038 double DSC_0039 double

This is a funnel web spider.  When I saw it, I didn’t know what kind it was but me and my mom looked it up.  You can read about it here.  The spider I found with only seven legs is also a funnel spider.

DSC_0043 doubleThis tree looks like squirrels could live at the top.  It looks like a safe tree.

DSC_0054 double

This tree had birds on it.  Lots of birds.  They were chirping and jumping all over.  The birds made the leaves fall into the water and we watched the leaves float by.

The birds sound like they are saying, “dee dee, dee dee”.  They are, “Black-Capped Chickadees”.  DSC_0058 double

I’m drawing what I see around me.  I see trees, water, and the sky.

DSC_0066 double

We saw some fish.  They were swimming around and finding food.  When the bugs hit the water, the fish come up and eat them.  I’d hate to be a bug.

DSC_0068 double

Look close.  I never knew turtles lived in the Provo River.  When we got to the river, we didn’t realize that there was a turtle.  We scared it.  So, we went and sat for awhile to see if it would get back up on the log.  I saw the turtle.  The shell was about as big as a plate.  I saw it while it was under water.  It was quite hard to see.

DSC_0069 double

It never did come back on the log.  It just poked it’s head out.  I’m thinking turtles are like dolphins where they live in the water and they hold their breath under water for a long time but then have to come up to breath.

I want to go back to the river again another day and see if we can find the turtle again.

Math: More Symmetry

DSC_0075 double

Snowflakes are symmetrical.

DSC_0076 double

If you fold a paper in half and cut the shapes, the shapes are the same on the other side.  That’s symmetry.

DSC_0077 double

Or you can do lots of folds and when you open it, it shows a lot of what you cut out.

DSC_0052 double

There’s also symmetry in nature.  The water reflects the trees.

DSC_0051 double

Science: Bridges

(Narrated by Jadon, typed by mommy)

In Science we are learning about bridges.  So, me and mom went on the river trail on our bikes and went to look for and take pictures of truss bridges.  (Click here to see what a definition of a truss bridge is.)

This is looking under a bridge at the trusses.


This bridge needs to be strong because cars go over it and trucks and other big things.


This is a bridge that goes over the Interstate.  The other bridges trusses were made from cement.  These trusses are made from steel.


This truss bridge actually looks like a truss bridge that trains go over.  We saw the Front Runner go over it.  I like trains.

This is a cool old bridge.


We got to go under the bridge.


What makes this a truss bridge is the triangles.  There are a lot of triangles on this bridge.


This is one of the triangles.


This bridge is meant for people going over it.  Not cars.  If you look closely you can see X’s that make little triangles.


This also looks like an arch bridge.  It was fun when I rode over it.


This bridge is funny.  The dots are airplanes on the blue wall.  DSC_0711

This is another truss bridge.  The fence on top doesn’t mean it is a truss bridge.  The bottom rectangles under the bridge make it a truss bridge.


This bridge is not for cars but it looks like cars can go on it.  Only bikes and people walking can cross it.


Lots of X’s and triangles.


Also, the bends in the bridge at the bottom makes it stronger and that is what they used to put the pavement on.


These are my bridges.  I wanted to try and build bridges for school with just two pieces of paper and see how many pennies it could hold.  I made three bridges and my mom video taped them.

Bridge number one.

Bridge number two.

Bridge number three.


Then I did an extra.


It could hold almost a whole pound.

DSC_000312 5/8 oz.

I liked learning about bridges.  I want to learn more and see more bridges.  Different kinds.


(Narrated by Jadon.  Typed by mommy.)

What is symmetry?

Jadon:  So, there’s a butterfly and symmetry is that one side of the butterfly is the exact same as the other side.  They mirror each other.

DSC_0671 double

This one looks like a moth.

DSC_0672 double

This one looks like a flying centipede.

DSC_0673 double

This one is a butterfly.

DSC_0674 double

This one looks like a rib cage.  Skeleton.

This was fun painting and folding and learning about symmetry.