Nature Friday: The Magical Number 3

Today we went and looked for the magical number 3 in nature.  Can you see them too?  Some are easier to spot than others.  DSC_0052 (1) double DSC_0054 double DSC_0056 double DSC_0059 double DSC_0062 double double DSC_0063 double DSC_0064 double DSC_0067 double DSC_0069 double DSC_0070 double DSC_0072 double DSC_0073 double DSC_0074 double DSC_0076 double DSC_0109 double DSC_0110 double DSC_0113 double DSC_0114 double DSC_0117 double DSC_0119 double DSC_0120 double DSC_0121 double DSC_0122 double DSC_0123 double DSC_0125 double DSC_0127 double DSC_0131 double


I Wonder: How is Chocolate Made?

(Narrated by Jadon, typed by mommy)

DSC_0079 double

This is the chocolate shop.  I wanted to know how chocolate was made.

DSC_0085 double

This is all of the chocolates.  They are from all around the world.

This is the video how chocolate is made.
DSC_0087 double

This is the European chocolate mousse.  It’s really good.

DSC_0091 double

Makes you want to lick all of it out.  My mom and I shared some.  Next time, she says she wants her own.

DSC_0099 double

This is me blowing on my hot cocoa.  It’s super good.

DSC_0101 double

This is me tasting it.

DSC_0106 double

This is my face covered in it.

DSC_0107 double

This is me and mom.  I was about to wipe my face off but she said to take a picture of it first.  It was a good lunch.

Writing: The Train Wreck

(Narrated/read by Jadon, typed by Mommy)

Once there was a mouse named Matt.  He was a curious mouse but he didn’t know very much about motor things.  His mother says not to go near them but he likes to see them go by.  Matt lived in a sewer.  There was not much food but just enough for a mouse family.  He didn’t know what a car was but he knew it’s name.  He lived near a car wash.  He kept hearing the name so that’s what he thought was it’s name.  Some were little.  Some were big and some were ginormous.  He wanted to see what a car was up close.  He never got to.  When they needed water they would break a pipe and drink the water in it.  He found a motorcycle once.  One day when he was ten his mother said that he can go anywhere he wants if he doesn’t put himself in danger.  So, he packed some food and water and sent off.  First, he was gong to explore the car wash.  So, he went to the car wash.  He saw a car come in.  First, it sprayed it with water.  Then with bubbles.  Then more water.  Then some weird towels that spin all over it.  Then he saw a car parked.  He went to the car and searched around it.  He felt the tires and climbed on the wheel and jumped into the window.  BONK!  “What the!” said Matt.  He tried again.  BANG!  “That’s weird”.  He tried another window.  He went straight through.  “How come I can go through the other one?”  He looked around.  He saw the steering wheel.  “Is this another wheel?” said Matt.  “How many wheels does a car need?” he said.  He climbed over the seat and more chairs.  He figured it was getting dark.  He fell asleep in the car.  Next thing he knew that the ground was shaking.  He went over to the window and he was moving.  He put his foot down and pushed the window opener.  The window opened.  He knew what to do.  He thought he should jump out.  Everything went black.  When he woke up he saw wood under him.  He saw something big coming.  Something loud.  It shook the ground.  “What’s that!” he exclaimed.  Something came rolling right over him.  After that, he started to follow the train tracks.  Since he was curious he wanted to know where it led to.  So, he reached a train station.  He saw a train coming.  It was slower than the one that went over him.  He wondered why.  Soon it came to a stop.  A door opened.  He went through the door and straight ahead.  “ALL ABOARD!” said the conductor.  All of a sudden it started moving.  He was in the engine part of the train.  The conductor looked down.  He saw Matt the mouse.  He freaked out and lost control of the train.  He got out of the train in time.  He watched the train, KABOOM!  He was surprised he made it out.  So, he made a house and lived there.

The End! (of that story)

Part Two:  The Burning House (still to come)

More Nature!

(Narrated by Jadon, typed by mommy)DSC_0141 double

Since I like collecting so many things in nature, we have a nature table with a nature tree thingy.  What’s on this platform or branch of the nature tree is, a rock.  It is super smooth.  A red leaf that I found.  It’s a Maple leaf.  A tree part that is petrified from my grandpa’s property.  Acorn hats.

DSC_0143 double

What else we use it for is for pictures and for people’s birthdays.

DSC_0145 double

I also found two feathers.  One was big and one was small.


This is a lantern that my mom cut out and then the puppy, the black one, destroyed it.  But, it looks cool while it lasted.

Nature Friday: Honey!

(Narrated by Jadon, typed by mommy)DSC_0012 (2) double

I hate wearing long pants.  I was helping my dad with the bees.  And I’m glad I didn’t get stung.  And, I almost did.

DSC_0013 double

What I had to do was to run in the honey combs into the house so the bees couldn’t get them.

DSC_0014 double

The bees like the honey comb so they chase after me.  On the top I am wearing my mom’s BYU hat and over that is a mosquito net.  The baseball cap keeps the mosquito net away from my face while running.


These are honey combs.  This is where the wax and the honey is.


This is my dad.  This is him getting the honey off of the trays.  He uses a scraper and scrapes the comb and the honey into a bucket.


We don’t want the honey comb and wax in our honey jars so we put it inside of this bag with tiny holes that the honey goes through.


That is the honey.  It tastes good.


Then my dad pulls out wooden plug and the honey comes out into a jar.


We got about 5 gallons of honey this year.