I Wonder: How is Chocolate Made?

(Narrated by Jadon, typed by mommy)

DSC_0079 double

This is the chocolate shop.  I wanted to know how chocolate was made.

DSC_0085 double

This is all of the chocolates.  They are from all around the world.

This is the video how chocolate is made.
DSC_0087 double

This is the European chocolate mousse.  It’s really good.

DSC_0091 double

Makes you want to lick all of it out.  My mom and I shared some.  Next time, she says she wants her own.

DSC_0099 double

This is me blowing on my hot cocoa.  It’s super good.

DSC_0101 double

This is me tasting it.

DSC_0106 double

This is my face covered in it.

DSC_0107 double

This is me and mom.  I was about to wipe my face off but she said to take a picture of it first.  It was a good lunch.


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