Nature Friday: The Magical Number 3

Today we went and looked for the magical number 3 in nature.  Can you see them too?  Some are easier to spot than others.  DSC_0052 (1) double DSC_0054 double DSC_0056 double DSC_0059 double DSC_0062 double double DSC_0063 double DSC_0064 double DSC_0067 double DSC_0069 double DSC_0070 double DSC_0072 double DSC_0073 double DSC_0074 double DSC_0076 double DSC_0109 double DSC_0110 double DSC_0113 double DSC_0114 double DSC_0117 double DSC_0119 double DSC_0120 double DSC_0121 double DSC_0122 double DSC_0123 double DSC_0125 double DSC_0127 double DSC_0131 double


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