Nature Friday: Bulbs (Part One)

DSC_0001 (1) double

Fall is when it is time to plant bulbs.  What is a bulb?  A bulb is:  a rounded underground storage organ present in some plants, notably those of the lily family, consisting of a short stem surrounded by fleshy scale leaves or leaf bases and lying dormant over winter.

DSC_0004 double

My mom and I are planting daffodils.  My mom likes daffodils.  She likes the pretty yellow color in the spring.

DSC_0005 double

First, I had to dig a hole for the bulbs to go into.

DSC_0007 double

I had to make sure I put them in the right way with the stem part sticking up.

DSC_0008 double

These are the roots.  These are supposed to be pointing down.

DSC_0009 doubleThen, I covered the bulbs with dirt where they’ll sleep all winter long until the spring when they wake up!

Here is a video that shows bulbs asleep and then waking up.

I want to see bulbs grow myself so I learned from this video how I can watch bulbs grow.

More coming in part two of:  Bulbs


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