Writing: Sentence Staircase

Describe the Subject

—————Tell when

———————Name the sound

——————————–Tell where

————————————–Use other specific words

A man worked 

A tall old man worked in the morning when the trains whistle blew at the train station to start the day.

The book fell.

The red book fell at noon with a bang at the library when the clock struck twelve.

A tree moved.

A tree with bright green leaves moved during a storm making clapping sounds at my neighbors house that scared them.

The radio played.

The new radio played when we turned it on super loud in the attic and it broke our ears.

She pulled him.

A tired mom pulled her son in the morning with a groan on the river trail in the bike cart.

I ate food.

I ate twenty chicken nuggets for lunch with a loud crunch at Burger King that made me smile.

The car drove away.

A green car drove away when it was time to go to work with a vroom down Center Street and stopped at a red light.

A cloud passed by.

The rainy cloud passed by after the storm with a boom off in the distance with flashing lightning.

A woman danced.

An old woman danced when the couple kissed when everybody clapped at a wedding and had cake.

A girl ran.

A girl wearing shorts ran on a hot day when she tripped with a plunk at school and started to cry.

The baby cried.

The sad baby cried when he was born with an annoying sound at the hospital because he was hungry.


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