Science: Compass and Directions

DSC_0012 double

My cardinal direction sign.
DSC_0017 double

Map of my neighborhood.


Greek History Chapter Twelve: A Valiant Helper

(Narrated by Jadon, typed by mommy)

Mommy:  Who is this story about?

Jadon: It’s about Pelopidas.

Mommy:  And who was Pelopidas.  Where was he from?

Jadon:  He was from a Greek city of Thebes.  He was really strong and he played in wrestling and hunted boars and deer in the forest.  He was a leader who liked to help people who need it.

Mommy:  What happened to Thebes?

Jadon:  The Spartans marched into the city and made themselves masters of the castle.  Pelopidas was forced to leave because it was under the power of the Spartans.  He said we shouldn’t rest here while our land is in the hands of evil rulers.  They got inside of regular people clothes and they snuck into Charon’s house.  They went inside the castle.  The Spartans were having a feast and they snuck in and attacked them.  The Spartans left.

Mommy: There was a man named Alexander.  Tell me about him.

Jadon:  He was a king.  He was mean.  He would do mean things to his people.

Mommy:  So what did the people do? Who did they ask to come help them?

Jadon:  They asked Pelopidas to come and help them.

Mommy:  So what did Pelopidas do?

Jadon:  He came with a band of warriors and Alexander was scared.

Mommy:  What did Alexander do?

Jadon:  He bowed down and said I’ll do what ever you ask.

Mommy:  How long did that last?

Jadon:  Not long.

Mommy:  So then what happened?

Jadon:  Alexander threw Pelopidas in prison.

Mommy:  Who came to visit him?  And what happened?

Jadon:  The queen came to visit him and she said, “I pity your wife” and Pelopidas said, “and who are you that pities my wife”.? She said, “the queen”.  And he said, “I pity the queen for being the wife of a cruel tyrant”.

Mommy:  What does it mean to be a tyrant?

Jadon:  Mean.  Hurtful.  Annoying.

Mommy:  Did Pelopidas stay in prion forever?

Jadon:  No.  The friends of Pelopidas came to rescue him and the king freed the prisoner.

Mommy:  After Pelopidas was rescued where did he go?

Jadon:  He went to visit the King of Persia.  He said he would give him anything.  He said he wanted his people to be free.  Pelopidas thought of the good of people and not presents for himself.

Mommy: And who starts trouble again?

Jadon:  Alexander was being mean again.  Then there was a battle.

Mommy:  What happened to Pelopidas.

Jadon:  He died.  From javelins.

Mommy:  What happened to Alexander?

Jadon:  The queen with her three brothers.  They went into his house while he was sleeping.  He had a dog that wouldn’t let anyone near him unless it was him or his servant that brings his food or the queen.  The queen told the servant to go and take the dog away.  They put a carpet on the steps so the king wouldn’t hear and they went up the stairs and killed the king.

Greek History Chapter Eleven: A Martyr King


(This is a picture of King Agis walking on the street and people looking at him.)

(Narrated by Jadon, typed by mommy)

Agis was a king.  He was walking on the street and the other people saw him.  They didn’t know who he was and one said that he was the king.  They didn’t know why he was wearing the same clothes as them when he should be wearing fancier clothes.  The reason why was that he wanted people to be equal.

King Agis told the rich to give some to the poor.  The poor were happy but the rich were mad.  The people wanted to harm King Agis so he went to hide in a temple so he doesn’t get killed.  His three friends found him and his friends weren’t actually his friends.  They told him to go to the bath and that he’d be safe.  So, King Agis went to the bath and when he came out these three friends captured him and took him to prison.

In prison, King Agis was told to deny his beliefs.  He didn’t deny his beliefs.  He was killed.  His grandma and his mom went to the prison to see him.  The grandma went in first and saw him dead and it upset her and she died.  Then his mom went in to the prison and saw him and cried.

The people asked her to deny her beliefs and she didn’t so they killed her too.

Math: Fractals

What is a fractal?

A fractal is a never-ending pattern. Fractals are infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales. They are created by repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop. Driven by recursion, fractals are images of dynamic systems – the pictures of Chaos. Geometrically, they exist in between our familiar dimensions. Fractal patterns are extremely familiar, since nature is full of fractals. For instance: trees, rivers, coastlines, mountains, clouds, seashells, hurricanes, etc. Abstract fractals – such as the Mandelbrot Set – can be generated by a computer calculating a simple equation over and over.            (Definition taken from this site:  Fractal Foundation)

DSC_0077 double

I made a fractal snowflake,

DSC_0078 double

a fractal munchlach,

DSC_0079 double

and a cactus.

Fractals are fun.

I Wonder: How does egg yolk turn into a bird?

(Narrated by Jadon, typed by Mommy)DSC_0068 (1) double

Last week, my mom and I and my friend went to the park.  We were looking for geocaches.  My mom’s friend said there was a geocache near a fort in a tree.  So, we looked and we found a bird’s nest.  It looks cool because of what the bird used to make the nest.  It used cotton and some grass and pine needles and ribbon.

DSC_0069 (1) double

What was inside the nest were two eggs.  One was a full egg and one was broken which meant it hatched.  The other egg didn’t hatch.  I wanted to see what was inside so my mom and I carefully broke it open.  Inside was dried up yolk.  I wanted to know how yolk turned into a bird.  My mom found this video that shows how a yolk turns into a baby bird.

I thought it was creepy how big the eye ball is.

Writing: Sensory Sentences

This is an assignment is for making a boring sentence into a better sentence.

  1.  A sandwich.  A squishy sweet sticky white smooth sandwich.
  2. A pencil.  A hard wooden yellow pencil.
  3. A piece of paper.  A flat flippy easy paper.
  4. An eraser.  A stretchy smelly rubber flappy eraser.
  5. A piece of wood.  A bumpy burny breaky brown piece of wood.
  6. A pen.  A hard nasty noisy pink plastic pen.